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Weekend in Monferrato

Scritto da Stefano Caneva il 20 Agosto 2014
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Questa pagina è un’estensione del nostro invito e contiene tutte (o quasi, ma per questo potete sempre contattarci!) le informazioni necessarie per programmare il vostro soggiorno in Monferrato e per partecipare così alla seconda fase del nostro matrimonio: la FESTA! Poiché questa pagina farà da riferimento per persone di lingue diverse, l’abbiamo scritta in inglese. Ovviamente, siamo felici di fornire traduzioni in lingue conosciute a tutti coloro che ne avessero bisogno. E allora… che la festa cominci!

Deze pagina is bedoeld als aanvulling op onze uitnodiging en bevat alle (of toch bijna alle: je mag ons altijd contacteren voor meer!) informatie die je kan verlangen om een tripje naar Monferrato te organiseren en zo deel te nemen aan de tweede fase van ons huwelijk: het FEEST! Aangezien deze pagina gericht is aan lieve mensen die verschillende talen spreken, hebben we ze opgesteld in de Lingua Franca van vandaag. Natuurlijk kunnen we, indien nodig, altijd zorgen voor vertalingen naar believen. Laat het feest beginnen!


Ute and Stefano celebrating their marriage … in Monferrato!


Antwerp_-_by_Craig_WyzikThe Belgian wedding

Ute and Stefano are getting married at the City Hall of Antwerp on Friday 19 September 2014, at 10.30 am. After a nice reception, the two families will go to the Ardennes to spend the weekend. Bring your tent and you will be very welcome if you wish to stay with us!


Please confirm your presence at the reception by writing to:


The Italian party

parco rocchetta

View of the Rocchetta natural park

The actual party, however, will take place in Monferrato − South Piemonte – on Friday 15 May 2015, starting from 7 pm.  The location is the Casa Parco Pacha Mama, in Rocchetta Tanaro, a hostel in the core of the Natural Park. Pacha Mama is the core of a project combining all the elements of ecotourism: waking up in the woods, experiencing nature through outdoor activities,  sharing great local food and wine, getting ready to discover a wonderful region. The place offers a great, partly covered terrace surrounded by meadows, vineyards and woods. We will start our evening with an informal buffet dinner based on excellent local food and wines. And the night takes it from there…

Please send us your requests for the music you would like to share with us, and/or take with you your USB stick and be our DJ!

Please confirm your participation possibly by 31 December 2014!

You can contact us by writing to:


How to get there



luzern-parcoThe exact address of Pacha Mama is Case Sparse Sant’Emiliano 42, 14030 Rocchetta Tanaro, Asti.

Auto is the best solution for those who wish to reach Pacha Mama and to move around in the region independently. Coming from Belgium, the easiest way is to enter Italy from Switzerland (through Luzern and the Gotthard tunnel) at Como and to follow towards Milan; at the Milan ring you take the way to Genova, then at Tortona you turn to Torino. You quit the highway at Felizzano, some 15 km before Asti, and you continue on the state road towards Asti until you reach the sign for Nizza Monferrato and Rocchetta Tanaro, on the left. A few hundreds meters after the bridge on the Tanaro river, and before entering Rocchetta, take the road on the right to Gatti and follow it until you reach the parking of the Natural Park.

Get the map

passoFor the adventurous ones, a nicer road through Switzerland takes you from Basel to Bern and then south to the Great San Bernardo Pass or Tunnel. If you take the pass (which we recommend to those loving nice views), enjoy the sight on the first Italian valley of your trip (a side vally of Val d’Aosta) together with some good mountain cheese and salami, then go down to reach the highway at Aosta. Go south-west to Turin, pass the ring by keeping on the highway towards Piacenza. Get out at Felizzano and follow the indications above.

Get the map


Flight + train

You can reach the airports of Turin (Caselle) or Milan (Malpensa). In both cases, a coach will take you to the main station, respectively Torino Porta Nuova and Milano Centrale, from which you can get a train to Asti. Mind that several trains connect Turin and Asti (about 30-40 min), but the journey from Milan can take a long time and be quite expensive. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us questions if you are thinking of this option.



The weekend in Monferrato


Winter view from the Pensatoio (wine tasting, Azienda Ferraris)


N.B. To book a bed in the two hostels (Pachamama and Vinchio) please contact us as soon as possible. For any other facilities you can contact the owners directly through the links provided below.

For those coming from abroad, as well as for all those who want to join us for longer fun, a whole weekend of outdoor activities, sightseeing, and the essential wine tasting is planned. The scheduled days − 14 to 17 May and everything in between − correspond conveniently to the weekend of Maria Hemelvaart, an invite to make it a short trip and discover the region, newly−acknowledged UNESCO heritage.


Getting directions in the Park

The hostel Pacha Mama offers comfortable shared rooms with clean common bathrooms at 22 euros per night per person, including breakfast (20 if you have your own linen). The same owners also run another nice hostel, Mare Verde, (same price and same mail: in the close−by village of Vinchio. Because both facilities can only host a limited number of guests, please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in these accomodations.

The region counts many other nice solutions as for hostels, campings, B&B, agriturismi and hotels. We are happy to suggest you some of the best in the area:

Please let us know if, and for how long you intend to stay by 31 December 2014!


View of Vinchio

View of Vinchio


The proposed weekend activities are co−organized by weLand, Monferrato Outdoor, and Azienda Agricola Roberto Ferraris.


Agliano, Azienda Ferraris

The Azienda Agricola Roberto Ferraris is run by a passionate, welcoming family producing excellent wines since 1923, and now also biological vegetables and fruit. The Azienda and the vineyards are located near Agliano Terme, in the core of the newly-acknowledged UNESCO region of the Astesana. Ferraris procude principally Barbera, the pride of the region, but also Nebbiolo and Grignolino. An inspiring wine tasting with local biological food buffet will take place here on Saturday 16 from 6 pm, at the Pensatoio, on the mesmerizing hill top of the Bricco dei 31 Paesi. From the hill we will dominate the breathtaking scenery of the UNESCO region and vineyards.

Sneaky preview for those who read Italian: Il mio viaggio nell’Astesana

Subscribe (by 31 March 2015) −


Beach by the Tanaro river

Monferrato Outdoor is an association of internationally licensed guides for outdoor activities and survival. It runs the hostel Pacha Mama and organizes several types of activities for adults and children. The activities we propose are mountainbiking, canoeing and trekking for adults as well as natural clay and painting workshops for children. Costs include all materials and support and are 20 euros per person except for trekking (12 euros) and children activities (10 euros). Because the activities have to be organized in groups, please let us know, while subscribing, when you would like your activity to take place. We will organize the schedule in the most suitable way.

Subscribe (by 31 March 2015) −


Discover more…

The region has much, much more to offer to everybody interested in culture, sport, fun, good food and wine… so let us give you here a few tips to prepare your own experience.

Get a walk among the Roman and Medieval monuments of Asti (have a look at the tourism portal for tips and suggestions), just 19 km from Pacha Mama; taste the white truffle in Alba (about 40 km); experience the majestic glamour and museums of Torino, the first capital of Italy (about 70 km); grab a focaccia and get lost in the ‘carrugi’, the pictoresque narrow streets of old Genova (about 110 km); or experience a fashion fever in Milano (about 120 km).

imagesDo not forget that 2015 is the year of the Milan World EXPO “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”. Events will be held everywhere in Italy between May 1 and October 31, so we will keep you informed about the shedule of our weekend. Learn more.

If nature is what attracts you, Piemonte Outdoor is a good website to start your research. Our suggestion is to drive up the valley of the river Bormida or Erro for a daily trip to reach the Ligurian Appenine. The Val Bormida takes you up to the Alta Langa Astigiana, a wonderful mixture of woods, vineyards and enchanted small villages dominated by perfectly restored Medieval towers (ask the local bartender the key to get on top). The Valle dell’Erro opens up in the charmful city of Acqui Terme and takes you all the way to the beautiful village of Sassello, where Piemonte and Liguria meet: get a walk to a refuge among the woods and have a look at the see under your feet, some 1.000 meters below…

Finally, weLand runs various touristic projects sharing knowledge about the region and its famous or secret treasures. You can follow our posts through the ashtags #SustainableTourismPiemonte and #weLandmarks. For those who can read Italian, have also a look at our Diario di Viaggio!

Did you know?

South Piemonte has a strong vocation for excellence, tradition and sustainability in food and tourism. This was the birth place of the Slowfood movement as well as of Eataly, the chain of supermarkets where international trade and local producers meet. You will find them in every city mentioned above. For next-to-door producers’ food (cibo a km zero, as we say in Italy), do not miss Agrispesa 360°, in Asti, Piazza del Campo del Palio 8/A, where the owner Raffaele collects all the products from the close-by Val Rilate. Mention that weLand is sending you there for a special treatment!

South Piemonte is also a land of outstanding social commitment and literature. Here, during World War 2, brigades of partisans heroically fought against nazi-fascist forces and finally achieved freedom even before the Allies reached the area.  A generation of young people had to choose on what front to fight; the existential challenge and strong emotions they dealt with are memorably recorded by the novels of Beppe Fenoglio, while the events of the war and of the subsequent industralization of Piemonte provide a dramatic background to the works of Cesare Pavese, one of the the most important writers and intellectuals of post-war Italian history. For those that know and like their works, a visit to their birth places (respectively in Alba and in Santo Stefano Belbo), now hosting museums and research centres, is an outstanding opportunity to have a direct experience of this land, its history and its ideals.


Please contact us at any time to ask support and more fresh info for your planning.

Ute Loosveld & Stefano Caneva

Kronenburgstraat 31/4, B 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Ute +32 477 524 008

Ste + 39 329 0096208

        + 32 479 537 538

We are warmly looking forward to celebrating our marriage with you… one year long!


Lieve groeten, cari saluti

Ute and Stefano

Stefano Caneva

Stefano Caneva

Currently living between Belgium (Antwerp) and Italy (Padova), where he is Marie Curie Research Fellow in History and Digital Humanities at the University of Padova (IT). Co-founder and vice-president of weLand (2012), for which he is responsible for the projects related to Cultural Heritage and educational institutions. Member of Wikimedia Belgium, Wikimedia Italia and the Europeana Network. Project manager of Wiki Loves Piemonte and Wiki Loves Monuments Belgium.

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