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weLand #SustainableTourismPiemonte : The weLand Tourism Project

Scritto da Stefano Caneva il 4 Settembre 2014
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weLand for smart, sustainable and innovative tourism in South Piemonte

After two years of activities to promote cultural and social development in South Piemonte, weLand is committed and ready to boost sustainable tourism at a regional, national and international level.

Our idea is that development passes through inventiveness and collaboration, by combining local and global, tradition and innovation. Our strategy is multidisciplinary: we select the best of current projects, wherever they are, and combine complementary ideas from diverse origins into something new and unique.

What follows is an example of the way we like to work.


The ingredients: #WikiLovesMonumentsItalia  – #WikiLovesAsti – #WikiLovesPiemonte – #DiariodiViaggio

What is Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest for monuments, organized at an international by Wikimedia Foundation every September since 2012. Wikimedia is the movement behind Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – a global collaboration authored by volunteers.

The definition “monument” includes every site of historic, artistic as well as of outstanding natural importance for the life and heritage of a community.

WLM stands out other photo contests because participants accept to upload their pictures with a open license Creative Commons, thus allowing any future user to insert photos in Wikipedia pages or to make any other use that may spread the knowledge of the monument itself.

The International contest is inspired by the successful 2010 pilot in the Netherlands, which resulted in 12,500 freely licensed images of monuments, and is nowadays spread all over the world. Since its 2012 edition, it has been acknowledged as the World Guinness photo contest of every time for number of participants and photos.



All participating countries pre-select ten pictures -the winners of the national contest – which will also be evaluated for the international contest. The Italian section of WLM, Wiki Loves Monuments Italia, has been opened in 2012. The list of monuments for which photos can be uploaded is available here.



Since the first edition of WLM Italia, the non-profit Association weLand has intoduced the event in Asti, a wonderful Roman and Medieval town and birthland of world-famous wines in South Piemonte. Together with Wikimedia Italia and Instagramers Asti, weLand has opened there a local contest, Wiki Loves Asti, and supported it with events and guided Wiki photo-walks in Asti and in the surrounding villages. The winners of #WikiLovesAsti will have a place in the national exhibition and of course will run for the national and international prizes.

Since 2013, weLand cooperates with another association in Asti, CRE[AT]IVE, to broaden the list of monuments and events. The list of monuments is available here (you can use this page to upload directly your pics).



As a novelty for the 2014 edition of WLM, weLand with Wikimedia Italia have launched #WikiLovesPiemonte, the new contest section that will choose the best photo of all Piemonte. The jury will be composed by the associations and intitutions that have collaborated to insert the Piemontese monuments in the list.



Diario di Viaggio is a flexible, multimedia, open-licensed narrative project created by weLand, by which people can express and share their experience about an aspect or a place of South Piemonte that particularly speaks to them. Text is the basic tool. Photos and videos broaden the range of options for a fully rewarding way to express knowledge and emotions. Learn more by browsing the already-existing issues and contact us for guidance and accepted languages at

Our recipy: World heritage for an interconnected local development


WLM has been the first project of weLand since the birth of the association in 2012. The enthusiasm and continuity by which we have adopted and supported this project are justified by the high potential of its cultural and social goals and by their perfect correspondence with the purpose of our association.

People that participate in the contest have to visit the sites. Accordingly, they have the chance to discover, or to rediscover, the beauty of a land, to spend time together with other people, and finally to share their experience through their photos.

Evidently, these photos are something more than a personal souvenir: they are shared with a free license, so that they will contribute to spread the beauty of a place through the web, that it, potentially all over the world. In other words, WLM creates both the material and the context to advert the local values of a land at a global scale, and does so with no costs for either individuals or institutions.

The cultural impact of WLM for the share of world heritage is evident. So is its economic ramification. weLand is keen to promote programs for tourist exchange at a regional, national and international level. The Wiki photographers that decide to pay us a visit will have the chance to discover the amazing hills of South Piemonte, its charmful historical cities and villages, and its unbeatable food and wine culture. And, once back home, they can share visually their experience with the entire world through Wiki Loves Monuments. Moreover, they can also use Diario di Viaggio to share their stories, tips and remarks in a narrative.



weLand is in search of national and international partners to organize shared programs for smart, sustainable tourism. we are happy to discuss with associations and institution from all over the world the possibility of establishing a program of reciprocal tourist exchange.

If you are interested in sending us a proposal in compliance with weLand’s philosophy, write to




Stefano Caneva

Stefano Caneva

Currently living between Belgium (Antwerp) and Italy (Padova), where he is Marie Curie Research Fellow in History and Digital Humanities at the University of Padova (IT). Co-founder and vice-president of weLand (2012), for which he is responsible for the projects related to Cultural Heritage and educational institutions. Member of Wikimedia Belgium, Wikimedia Italia and the Europeana Network. Project manager of Wiki Loves Piemonte and Wiki Loves Monuments Belgium.

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